About us

"Onderzoek & Beleving" is Dutch for "Research & Experience" and founded in 2007 by Hans Eggenkamp and his wife En Eg-Vlaanderen. In 2006 we, Hans & En, wanted to republish Hans' PhD thesis because we ran out of printed copies. To obtain a new ISBN for the thesis it was necessary to register "Onderzoek & Beleving" as new publisher.

At the same time, En began writing a blog about how illness affected her family relationships with the intention of publishing her weekly columns into annual books.

At the moment "Onderzoek & Beleving" publishes mostly numismatic and geochemical works. New numismatic books are currently under development. This concerns country issues on the United States, Portugal and France. Furthermore, we are investigating the possibility to issue a book on aluminium World Coins. The tab "Books" gives order links for the books issued and/or written by us.

Under the tab "Science" a summary of scientific research published by Hans under the imprint of Onderzoek en Beleving is given. These scientific papers can be requested from us and a PDF copy will be send to you.

En nowadays has a more supporting role in the publishing activities. Since 2018 she is also working as an Dutch artist at studio 120m2, part of her work can be found on the website www.120m2.nl.

She is member of artists' association Laren-Blaricum.

An other, related internet site is eggenkamp.info where the complete bibliography of chlorine and bromine isotope studies can be consulted.